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Asthma Treatment Plan is a written plan which is prepared by a health care provider for asthma to asthmatics.

Written plans serves as an important record of treatment, medication, and matters related to asthma patients. In the plan discussed on any medication should be consumed by people with asthma, how much dose, when the drug is taken, what is done when the patient’s condition in an emergency because it is caused by an asthma attack, and the things that make asthma relapsed patients such as dust, animal dander, mold, pollen or smoke etc..

Function asthma treatment plan

With a treatment plan is expected to be familiar asthmatic condition. In addition to the record of earlier planning, asthma sufferers will always take the medicine on time and know what to do when the disease worsens asthma. The note has a purpose as reminder paper for asthmatics. Asthma treatment plan could also serve as a record of a person to monitor the development of asthma. How much drug they are taking and how often they consumed the drug indirectly indicate the severity of asthma because the drug may be one determinant of whether a person with asthma classified in the severe category or not.

In the presence of asthma treatment plan, the doctor, the patient and family can monitor and monitor asthma symptoms appear, avoid the triggers that cause asthma patients were recurrent, and knowing that the drug should be used for the treatment of these patients.

Monitoring asthma symptoms asthma treatment plan

Monitor or monitoring a person’s asthma symptoms is very important for people with asthma have symptoms any different. Monitoring also has the function to control one’s asthma. By monitoring the patient’s own physician and to determine which drugs should be brought anywhere according to the symptoms of asthma are most often suffered by patients. This plan will make people with asthma to determine how well she is able to control the disease asthma and the actions he should do. Physicians monitoring patients with asthma use a peak flow meter. Peak flow meter is a kind of tool used to examine the airways of the lungs. The tool will detect how fast air moves out of the lungs. If asthma gets worse, peak flow meter will show decline and if it improves asthma peak flow meter will rise. Doctors will classify 3 zones associated with the peak flow meter: green zone, yellow zone and the red zone. Actions and treatment of patients will be referred to the zone. If the patient is in the zone means green lung and asthma treatments works fine so it can be assumed that the patient is fine. Yellow zone a marker that show a person with asthma should be more in concern. Patients often relapse, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath so the dose and frequency of drug can be increased. Red zone indicates that a person has severe asthma. Patients in the zone will not be able to do activities again. Further treatment is in need.

Avoiding triggers the asthma treatment plan

Avoiding triggers a second point which is important for physicians and patients themselves. Every patient with asthma has different triggers another sat. It could be that people with asthma are allergic to the smell of a very asthmatic cat while others had no problem with it. Trigger is one dangerous thing because it can raise a person’s asthma attacks antiparazitiká pre ľudí. Asthma Treatment Plan plays an important role in asthma as a reminder of this, the data for the physicians that will be investigated or studied to determine the proper medications and useful inputs to asthmatics and that the people closest family and knows circumstances asthma sufferers so they will try their best to avoid the things that can trigger asthma attacks in people with asthma.

Treatment for asthma according to the asthma treatment plan

Once you know these things above eating the doctor will be able to determine what the most appropriate medication for asthma patients so that the disease will not develop further. Asthma Treatment Plan will provide the best solution for people with asthma to live without fear of excessive activity of the disease because everyone was in the plan well in the written record.

Definition of chronic cough asthma

Chronic cough is conditions in which a person develops the disease of cough and the symptoms of cough that exceed levels in general. Coughing is normal human functioning mechanism for the body’s defenses. Cough it has the function to expel mucus, infections and other foreign substances that enter the body through the mouth. Of it can already be concluded that the cough is not a dangerous disease. but you have to look at is when the cough has been transformed into a chronic or an increase in symptoms from day to day and do not show signs of healing within 3 weeks or longer than that then it should be in to investigate. Important because it is allegedly a chronic cough could be a sign of asthma attack someone. Chronic cough is pointed out as one of the signs of asthma disease called chronic cough asthma. Therefore the presence of chronic cough disease closely associated with a disease that affects a person’s asthma.

In a study of 7 years ago in Europe and the United States is found that about 39% of women who have a cough that lasts a long time at an average age of 48 years suffering from asthma.

Addressing chronic cough asthma

Chronic cough associated with asthma usually occurs at night. Chronic cough asthma at night is very unnatural therefore need to investigate and possibly the greatest sufferers cough is an asthma sufferer.

Chronic cough that happen in asthma suffer usually comes with other symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. The presence of multiple chronic symptoms other than cough itself can already be sure that people with asthma chronic cough is to stay positive.

Chronic cough can be treated with treatment and prescription medication from a doctor. For chronic cough doctor will usually prescribe chronic cough include asthma inhaled steroids such as Aerobid, Alvesco, Asmanex, Azmacort, Flovent, Pulmicort and Qvar. Other than that the doctor will prescribe specific chronic cough asthma that serves as the control of chronic asthma. This recipe helps relieve the symptoms of chronic cough in asthma sufferers to relieve acute symptoms of chronic cough they suffered. The recipe includes a short action like Xopenex inhaler, Albuterol, Ventolin, Proventil, and MAXair

Chronic cough that is not treated immediately will burden people with asthma because asthma is a chronic cough and disruptive enough to affect their daily activities. Chronic cough asthma sufferers can make trouble sleeping so he would cause lack of sleep and the patient can not perform their daily activities to the maximum. Chronic cough gets worse when you can make symptoms of cough bleed when attacked. The last severe asthma is chronic cough can cause fainting sufferer.

Course of treatment accurately, quickly and done early is very important for people with chronic cough asthma in order to get his health back.

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