asthma attack

Asthma is a respiratory disease that can affect children and adults. Asthma in children is generally caused by genetic factors and asthma later relapse because there is a certain trigger. Although asthma is more common in children, but for adults is also need to be careful because asthma can develop. Asthma can evolve with age. Asthma develops when a person is middle-aged. Asthma is called adult-onset asthma. Adult-onset asthma may accelerate damage to lung function.

In some cases there are people who only have asthma during childhood only and do not continue when they are adults. But there is also a worsening of asthma with age. Asthma continues from children to adults. There are some cases when patients have a recurrence of asthma, but the disease then stopped but then came back later in the day.

Adult Asthma Symptoms Which Usually Appear

Asthma symptoms all people of all ages are the same. However adults who have asthma sustainable than when they were aged children, is much more sensitive than the children, when encountering a situation that makes their disease relapse. Whereas a person with asthma who get asthma at age adult the allergic response that is occur usually is not too strong. Asthma symptoms adults who usually attend are shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, coughing at night, and wheezing. All of these symptoms appear when there is a trigger.

Adult asthmatics tend to be more sensitive to triggers that often cause asthma in comparison with asthma in children. Triggers are dust, cigarette smoke, infections, allergens such as pollen, drugs and exercise or physical activity.

The things that exacerbate asthma symptoms

Asthma attacks can also be caused or aggravated by direct irritants to the lungs. Important irritants involved in asthma include cigarette smoke, chemicals in the room, and air pollution.

The attack of asthma symptoms adults can also be worsened by irritants and infections that attack directly to the lungs. Irritant effect of it is cigarette smoke, chemicals and air pollution.

But the most powerful of the above triggers are cigarette smoke. Now, there are so many smokers on the streets. Almost in everywhere there is smoker. So people with asthma should be careful not to keep her asthma relapse.

In adult asthmatics immune system overreacts to an allergen exposure and therefore asthma symptoms adults more severe than the symptoms of asthma in children.

Respiratory viral and bacterial infections play a role in some cases of adult-onset asthma. In both children and adults with existing allergic asthma, upper respiratory tract infection often exacerbates attacks.

Current symptoms in patients with relapsed adult asthma then you should immediately consult a doctor before the attack worse. Asthma symptoms adults were not immediately handled even die.

How the causes of asthma attack take a part?

The constriction of the respiratory tract is referred to as the causes of asthma attack. Attacks of asthma differ from man to the other, different case. There are only a few minutes, there were long hours, some even for days. And we all know that breathing is an activity that is so vital and should be done by a human being should not be stopped, for survival. If the narrowing of the airways, the breathing activity will impaired. For that we need to know what the causes of every asthma that attack the people

The variation causes asthma attacks

The causes of asthma attacks can occur due to many things, the most common is due to the negative effects of the air we breathe, which contains dust but can not properly filtered when passing through the nose. In addition to dust, the air we breathe can also cause asthma attacks, because the air contains pollen from plant, animal hairs fall out and fly, cold air, and smoke most commonly found as a result of air pollution. For that we need to always maintain the cleanliness, cleaning the house, and places that are often used for day-to-day activities. And to address air pollution can be circumvented by using nasal mask, while traveling, or driving.

Food intake may be one of the causes of the asthma. Fatty foods can lead to narrowing of the airways, if it can not be digested properly by the body. Drink into the body also needs attention. Many daily drink that is often consumed, but few noticed that the drink is one drink that cause asthma attacks. Carbonated drinks, or sodas that we often encounter, is a beverage that contain sodium benzoate. The content of sodium benzoate is suspected to be the other cause. In addition to beverages that contain sodium benzoate, sulfite acidic beverages, such as beer, tea, should also be avoided by people with asthma. Do not consume alcohol should also be applied by people with asthma.

There are also some causes that are because it comes from within the people themselves. For example, when the baby’s birth weight is not normal, or below the lower limit of normal. Infants become susceptible, and immune to more easily distracted. Then the babies, who often suffer from the common cold, can be the seed of the causes of asthma attacks in the future. Beside that, the cause of asthma can be happened with someone who already have allergy. The cause allergic reactions and responses of multiple systems of the body. As a manifestation of the immune system to fight the asthma attack can occur. So someone needs to find out what can make allergies, if do not want affected by asthma.

One more thing we need to know that in fact the cause of an asthma attack is due to heredity. So asthma can be inherited from a family with a history of asthma. Even the lowered risk of asthma can be three times more than normally people. For that to someone who did not know the exact causes that hit him. Patients can find out from the family history, if there is one family who has asthma. The causes of an asthma attack due to heredity, can be derived from the father, mother, brother, sister, grandparent or other family. So then be vigilant in the face of an asthma attack.

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