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Certain allergens significantly causes asthma allergies. We are talking about pollen grains that are found to be present in the air and water at all times. The pollen grains are too small and help in the reproduction of plants, and can lead to major complications in asthma patients as they are found to cause asthma allergies.

The problems posed by pollen grains in asthma allergies

If you are an asthma patient then the pollen grains will make your condition miserable. Mainly people are found to develop asthmatic allergies as the pollen grains tend to be present in the air that people breathe.

The pollen grains tend top be very small in size and hence cannot be detected easily. Plants are found to release pollen grains during the early hours of morning to help in their reproduction.

People who have asthma due to allergies are found to have asthma attacks in the morning as the pollen grains tend to be present in large quantities during the early hours in the air. People should try to acclimatize themselves better with the place where they would be living to prevent such attacks.

Fungi are also found to play a role in people developing allergy related asthma. Fungi are usually considered as saprophytic and help in the decay of certain organisms and breaking them into their more simple chemical components. They are very small plants and can be termed to be scavengers.

The fungi that are found around us are not all considered to be bad and causing people to develop asthma allergies. There are some fungi that are found to be advantageous and people use them in making antibiotics and also in the production of cheese, alcohols and wines.

It is found that many people develop instances of asthma allergies due to the spores that are released by cheese, wine and alcohol during their processing. The spores are found to be specifically released between September and November, and also between February and April.

Asthma allergies are also found to be developed by people due to the presence of dust in the air that the people breathe. Dusts tend to accumulate on furniture items within the home and often the air carries them along with the dust present outside the homes of the people. These dust particles tend to aggravate allergies & asthma in people.

There are various other factors like food particles, small insects, human hair and pet dander that could led to allergies and asthma.

When you are unable to find the underlying cause for your developing asthma allergies, it is best suggested that you seek professional medical help by visiting a clinic that specializes in treating asthma complications. If you want to get a crash course, you can read allergies and asthma for dummies or do some research on the abc of asthma allergies.

The animals like horses, buffaloes and those who have fur on their body can pose threats for the people who suffer from asthma allergies. The items like flour and cement can also lead to allergies trigger asthma, if you are exposed to them while working in bakeries or cement factories.

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