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Nobody should complain of dry eye symptoms when GenTeal eye drops are already in the market. All of us had at one point in our life experienced some symptoms of dry eye (i.e., itching and burning sensation, redness, pain, and blurred vision), but most often than not we are required by our physicians to take a number of pills and just wish that it will show results immediately. That is a problem no more since GenTeal eye drops can assure relief that is safe and effective.

So if you are experiencing dry eye problems caused by either allergy or dust and mold irritations; go on and read this article and see how GenTeal can give you the relief that is just right for any individual.

GenTeal eye drops are safe for long-term use because they contain no artificial preservatives that can further irritate the eyes and cause permanent damage. Instead, they contain natural ingredients that act like our natural tears. The only preservatives added in the product are present in the bottle and disappear right away the moment it touches the eyes. The natural preservative is added only to maintain the medication’s purity and effectiveness. In fact, the GenTeal line of products is the only eye drop on the market that has a safe preservative ingredient detoxic. This feature alone assures as that this product is natural and safe. GenTeal eye drop is for the people who have sensitive and already damaged eyes.

GenTeal eye drops are effective because the active ingredients (which are hypromellose and sodium carboxymethylcellulose) make the drops flow like a gel which causes it to moisturize the eyes longer and better. However, although GenTeal eye drops act like natural tears, they are not considered to be artificial tears that merely hydrate dry eyes. The gel-like tears moisturize and hydrate the eyes and wash away all the dirt and foreign particles that are accumulated in the eyes. This cleansing of the eyes will protect it from various bacteria that cause irritation and infection. And because the products have no preservatives, the GenTeal eye drops are safe to use as often as you need without worrying about the accumulation of preservatives or other side effects.

GenTeal eye drops work safely and effectively because of the ingredient called sodium perborate. This chemical is added in the medicine and instantly reacts with the water in it. The reaction produces very weak hydrogen peroxide that when dropped into the eye, reacts again with the natural enzymes of the eye and transforms again to its original components of water and oxygen. The oxygen is immediately released into air while the water is absorbed by the tear ducts. The only active chemical that reacts with the eye is hypromellose which is a natural ingredient that acts like a moisturizer for the eyes.

GenTeal eye drops and gels are amongst the best products that are widely recommended by doctors, ophthalmologists, and vision experts. It is effective because it acts like a moisturizer that hydrates dry eyes like natural tears. It is safe because it has a safe preservative unlike the other available eye drops. It works fast because it acts directly on the root of the problem and its gel-like quality allows it to stay in the eyes longer. Nobody should really complain on dry eyes anymore. GenTeal eye drops are the solution.

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