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Foam pool, wet and sweaty bodies, loud music, people having fun, alcohol, wine, beer…

As I watched my coursemates enjoying themselves in a party, I was quietly reminded of how far I have come to be in this situation.

In that moment, I was just simply grateful to be there.

Happy to be just present in the moment.

And I thought about the nasty situation I was in over the past 2 years.

On hindsight, going through TSW is probably the best thing that happened to me.

There is this constant fear of slipping back into those painful and miserable situations, that I have became thoroughly disciplined with my lifestyle, my diet, my fitness and my priorities.

“Disciplined Moderation”

I have been eating suboptimally, having less control over what I ate and drinking beers/wines over the weekend through various networking events and parties.

It was not ideal, even though skin issues are a thing of the past, I still feel the dryness and itch the following day.

But practicing disciplined moderation forces me to eat well and eat cleanly over the weekdays. Getting up at 6 in the morning to do my runs and workouts, and to make sure I get a good deep sleep at night.

At this stage, I am happy to be ableĀ  to exercise such moderation.

In a career developmental class, we are told to “dream” about our ideal life.

Lifestyle wise, this would be it.


Thoughts on TSW sufferers:

There is a group of TSW sufferers that intrigue me: those who are “eager” to look for healing solutions, appears “committed” to healing, but when their skin is not doing so well after trying out various solutions, complain about it and say that nothing really works to help with TSW, and claim that only time can help. And sometimes, these are the same people offering advice to other TSW sufferers, telling them what to do, or what not to do.

And when I dig deeper, I find that these people often lead sub optimal lifestyle – eating a poor diet (high in sugar, pastries, bread etc), usually high inflammatory, not exercising, smoking, etc.

Of course, I don’t judge them, afterall I am not responsible for their skin. But sometimes I wonder just how “committed” they are to healing.

Do they want it badly enough such that they exercise plenty of discipline over their lifestyle? Or are they happy with the status quo.

Are their minds able to control their desires, or are their desires controlling their minds.

We often think we are masters of our destiny, yet we often operate and function at a subconscious level that we do not recognise.

Your diet is one big subconscious activity that controls you. If you crave sugary stuff, it is because your body has been conditioned to desire it. Given easy access to sugar, your body will naturally desire more of it due to our survival mechanism. Which is why obesity is a norm given ample food access. Having a survival mechanism is not necessarily healthy. Subconscious desires does not equate to exercising rational control over our choices.

To treat TSW, you first need to learn to understand and control your thoughts. The positive benefits will follow once your mind is set in the right direction.

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