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About three weeks back, I shared a post in my Facebook Group about the benefits of having sunlight – that exposure can help to reduce NO levels in the skin.

So I have been increasing my sun exposure since finding out that information and tested the effects myself.

I have had decent sun exposure but I certainly ramped it up – doing my runs in the mid afternoon 4 pm Singapore Sun; taking walks under the sun, never in the shade and so on.

My skin has definitely improved from my adjustment.

However, causation factors may include more than just the sun. I.e, my diet, my exercise and so on.

What I do know is that many people reported feeling better skinwise when they get ample sunlight. Even Dr Rapaport encourages getting more sun.

I’d be interested to know what else, besides possibly adjusting our NO levels in our skin, can the sun do in order to improve our condition goji cream farmacia.

Off the cuff – UV helps to disinfect, you generate vitamin D, helps with your mood, helps with your sleep, adjusts melatonin levels, adjusts circadian rhythms and so on.

Many of these positive effects are all synergistic effects that can help your overall health. Improving your skin is just a subset of an improvement of many other health factors.

Perhaps some tips for my readers to try.

Skin wise – I supposed I have more or less recovered, based on just how I have stopped worrying about my skin and moved on to actual life.

I am super grateful for so many things, TSW related, this blog, the people I have connected with, knowledge and life skills learnt through my documentation of my recovery process and my personal thoughts. I am happy that this blog, along with, have opened a couple of interesting opportunities and conversations with people related in this industry. Just some words of thanks especially to the readers of this blog. I have received plenty of emails and they mean very much to me at a personal level.

TSW may be bleak, but I hope to show to everyone that in every bad situation, you can and should take the best out of everything and turn it into a positive one for you.

Today, I started my MBA course in Singapore. It is orientation week right now, and I can forsee that I will focus plenty of energy and effort in my course.

The tradeoff is that I would write and post less in this blog desde.

I will try to maintain a posting schedule of at least once a week, and hopefully these posts will continue to benefit the readers.

There is still the book project to finish, and I think the MBA course will be very helpful in dealing with the technical and strategic aspects of my overall objectives for the book. I must apologize for the delay of the book. As I have said, the more I have written, the more questions I stumble into, and hence more research is needed to make this a good book.

I’d like to try this new format for blog posts : readers, feel free to drop me any questions and I shall attempt to answer them in a format of blog posts. Hope to hear from you soon!

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